What’s This?

You can’t learn how to use a piece of software from a book.

Or from a lecture. Or from taking a class where you sit in a lab and have a professor tell you “click on this, ok, now click on that.” You also can’t learn how to use a program from watching video tutorials.

The only meaningful, consistent way to learn how to use a program is to teach yourself.

One From Zero features entry-level tutorial videos for software that is used for making art with computers. But more than that, the videos are designed to teach you how to learn software. It’s not that all software is that same (oh, how I wish it was). It’s that the methodology, the approach to decrypting a program’s interface, is consistent no matter what kind of program it is.

As you go through these videos, you’ll notice that they are different from other tutorials. One From Zero videos are unscripted. I make mistakes (some real, some not). Sometimes I honestly forget where tools are. The computer crashes a few times. I take you through the process of how to figure your way out of a problem.

This site won’t make you a master. That’s not what it’s for, and there are lots of perfectly good classes and video tutorials to help you get to that level. But this will take you from a place where you may know next to nothing, and bring you to a place where you are comfortable to move on. Something from nothing. A one, from zero.

The videos are free for you to watch. They are privately funded and hosted by Quark Nova. Hope you enjoy!